Safeway Environmental is located in the Lehigh Valley surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania. At Safeway, we want to make the air you breath, healthy and safe.

Whether it’s your home, school, workplace, or the buildings throughout your community, our goal is to have them free of mold and asbestos. We want you to live, learn, work, and enjoy the community without the worry of health issues.

Safeway Environmental was founded in 2016, but don’t let the year misled you. Safeway has over 30 years of expertise standing behind it. Richard Medence, a co-founder of Safeway, had been working in the industry as a trusted and leading expert. Then the company Rick was working for closed it doors, Rick’s couldn’t let his passion rest. Hence, Rick and his business partner formed Safeway Environmental.

All of our technicians at Safeway Environmental are trained, licensed, or certified in the field in which they work. We strive to provide you the best possible service and experience. Contact us for more information.