Your home is where you sleep and your family spends time. It’s important to keep the air you breath healthy and without harmful side affects. At Safeway Environmental we are committed to helping you keep harm away.

It is not uncommon to find mold in the home. Mold can be secondary to a leak or dampness. Mold can be the silent culprit of health issues if not detected. Once mold is identified, it is important to treat it correctly with the proper equipment, chemicals, and clothing to cease it from being spread. In other words, hire a professional trained in mold remediation, like us.

Even though asbestos was largely banned in the United States in the 1970’s and 1980’s, it may still be lurking in your home. Prior to the ban, asbestos was often used for insulation and also found in ceilings, floors, and paint because it was fireproof. It also was used in brake pads and linings in automobiles.

The concern with asbestos is regular exposure, such as those who work in the construction industry. If you suspect that you have asbestos in your home, it’s best to leave it alone if the area is in good condition. Check regularly for wear or damage. If the area with asbestos is compromised or if the area will be undergoing renovations, then it is time to have the asbestos removed.

For more information on mold remediation or asbestos abatement in your home, please contact us.