On-Site Mold Inspections & Sampling

Our certified mold inspectors provide on-site physical examinations of your property to determine if there is the presence of mold and fungi. As mold remediation experts, we have the equipment and experience to evaluate areas that you normally don’t have access to such as crawl spaces, behind dry wall, and under floorboards. If these areas are in question, it’s imperative that we evaluate them. Wood decay could be catastrophic to the structure of your building.

If mold or fungi is identified, we follow with a comprehensive biological protocol for collecting samplings. Also at that time our inspector will try to identify the source of the moisture so it can be stopped, thus preventing the return of the species.

The samplings collected will be sent to an independent laboratory. Once we receive the results of the samplings, we will formulate a plan and proposal to review with you.

How to Treat Mold in Your Home or Workplace